Infant Massage Classes - Sunshine Coast

            Join me to learn the art of baby massage.

   supporting babies to be stronger, healthier and happier.                             

Becoming an infant massage instructor has been one of the most rewarding career decisions I've made. I love teaching parents techniques to enhance their bond with their babies whilst improving their baby's health and wellbeing. 

You can learn to massage your baby at any age. Beginning at 1 month up to almost crawling and again when your baby is older. By learning to massage your baby you will discover the many vital health benefits of this beautiful practice. 

It’s important that massage is not only relaxing for your baby, but for you also. Infant massage provides a wonderful closeness and teaches your baby about loving, nurturing and appropriate touch.

As an experienced midwife, birth doula, postnatal doula, breastfeeding educator and mother, my classes provide us with an opportunity to discuss issues related to your baby and motherhood. It's a wonderful way to meet other parents and share your parenting experiences together.      

During the class, I will perform the massage on a life size doll, while you follow the steps with your baby.  The classes are relaxed and paced to allow for nappy changing, feeding or settling your baby. Crying is welcomed.

Infant Massage Course

The Infant Massage Course Curriculum includes:

  • What are appropriate oils to use

  • Recognising cues for massage time

  • Massage routine for the whole body

  • Contraindications for massage

  • Specific routine for colic, wind and constipation

  • Exercises for flexibility and to assist lymphatic drainage

  • Techniques to use for toddlers and older children

  • Baby yoga routine

Benefits of Infant Massage

  • Massage releases both oxytocin and endorphins

  • Assist in relieving discomfort from teething, chest or sinus congestion, colic, wind or constipation

  • Relaxation through touch helps some infants sleep longer

  • Massage can be a great way to get some toddlers off to sleep

  • Teaches conscious relaxation techniques, which your child will have with them for life

  • Enhances neurological development

  • Babies that are massaged daily are stronger and tend to be more relaxed

  • Increases infant’s body awareness, improves sensory awareness and balance

  • Enhances the bonding process

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Massage provides a quality time for Dads to be involved

My classes are taught in a variety of ways.

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Group Classes

Group classes provide an opportunity to connect with other parents.

They are run over 3 weeks. 

3 x 1.5 hour sessions - 6 parents maximum - $30 per class

What to bring

  • A change mat and two towels

  • Wear comfortable clothing as we sit on the floor

What I provide

  • Free infant massage oil for you to keep

  • Full instructions for infant massage strokes

  • Refreshments

Please feel welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to feed and settle your baby.


One-on-one private instruction in my home"basic package"

One-on-one instruction is taught over two weeks in my home.

2 x 1 hour sessions  - $110.00 total

  • full infant massage instruction and notes

  • A bottle of baby appropriate massage oil

  • Breastfeeding support if needed

One one one private instruction in your home "Deluxe package"

Learn to massage your baby in the comfort of your own home.

2 x 1.5 hour lessons - $150.00

  • Full infant massage instruction and notes

  • A bottle of baby appropriate massage oil

  • Relaxing herbal foot bath for mum

  • Shoulder rub with lavender infused oil

  • Aromatherapy, supporting mums relaxation

  • Breastfeeding support if needed



Upcoming Classes

Many cultures throughout the world massage their babies daily. Massaging the infant is not seen as a luxury but a crucial part of the infants emotional health and physical development. It’s understood by these cultures that infant massage builds stronger bones, installs fearlessness and enhances movement and limb coordination.



What mums had to say after completing infant massage training.

As a new mummy, I cannot recommend this class enough. I was very eager to learn how to massage my son who was 8 weeks at the time. Our first class with Jodi was warm and inviting. I was impressed by her nurturing and calm manner. Jodi’s passion and wealth of knowledge made me confident in practising massage on my son. She gave us plenty of great tips and advice. It was a relaxing class that allowed me to bond with my child. Every week, Jodi, our wonderful instructor brought us a lovely quote or top tip for the week as well as all the wonderful baby massage techniques which was demonstrated as we worked on our baby. Definitely a must for anyone with a bub.
— Monique
Jodi is calm and has so much love for babies. Jodi was confident in the strokes she was teaching us which in turn made me feel safe.

 I felt more connected to my baby throughout the baby massage sessions. He was so calm, it was a lovely experience.
— Bella
Infant massage with Jodi was wonderful, she has such a relaxing vibe and extremely knowledgeable.
It has really helped me communicate love and trust with baby and we can bond in a way other than playtime.
Jodi was very helpful and thorough when teaching the massage moves and what they are useful for. 

Eg. Soothing teething pains, helping with joints when Bub starts to move around more, colic, bowl movement etc.
Overall it was a great class and I will defiantly recommend it to other parents.
— Jemma