Empowered Childbirth "Transforming Fear into Knowledge"
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Empowered Childbirth "Transforming Fear into Knowledge"

"Birth was intended to be a woman’s greatest experience, not her greatest fear"

Carla Blonde and Jodi Atkinson will be teaching this one-day intensive Childbirth Preparation Workshop, which is designed to help you “transform your fear into knowledge”.
These women have been working with birthing families for over 25 years. Both women had very positive, life transforming birth experiences and are passionate about preparing you and your partner for the arrival of your baby.

The hands-on skills and information you’ll gain will help prepare you for your own personal transformation into motherhood. You’ll leave feeling more informed, empowered and prepared no matter where you’re choosing to birth your baby. If your baby arrives quickly, you’ll have acquired skills to handle this sometimes, stressful situation.

There will be time to answer all your questions, listen to your fears and plans surrounding your upcoming birth.

Some of the topics covered:
• As a society, why do we fear childbirth?
• An overview of the natural birth process, with an exploration of your pelvis and how that relates to making space for your baby.
• Guided exploration of different positions and how they make room for the descent of your baby during labour.
• Movement, allowing you to stay present with pain and discomfort while in labour.
• About perineal tearing and how to avoid it.
• How and why you might want to avoid an induction.
• Skills for your partner, so they feel confident supporting you in labour.
• How to have a smooth transition from home to hospital.
• How to work with and navigate hospital protocol.
• Informed consent and human rights in the birth room.
• How to write an effective birth plan.

Refreshments will be provided
Please bring:
• A packed lunch and water bottle
• Yoga mat
• Cushion
• Your list of questions

$350/3 members of birth team

Spaces are limited so If you'd like to attend our workshop please email Jodi with any questions and the bank details to make your payment.

Photographer Brooke Elizabeth

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Positive Breastfeeding & Early 
Parenting Preparation Workshop
10:00 am10:00

Positive Breastfeeding & Early 
Parenting Preparation Workshop

For 25 years Jodi has supported couples during birth and postpartum. The first
3 months of your baby’s life can be a fragile, unfamiliar and exhausting time and many couples don’t have the support of their families or the wisdom of their mothers close by. Jodi’s workshop is designed to educate and empower you, so your journey into parenthood is a more informed and joyful experience.

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Infant Massage Classes - Buderim, Sunshine Coast
to 26 Oct.

Infant Massage Classes - Buderim, Sunshine Coast

I'm looking forward to teaching the next series of infant massage classes. It brings me such pleasure seeing parents learn this valuable skill, enhancing their baby's mental, emotional and physical development. A happy, healthy baby is what every parent wants.

The dates are: Thursday, 12th, Thursday, 19th and Thursday the 26th of October.

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