Postnatal Care

Women need support after birth and this fact is almost completely over looked in our society.

We put so much emphasis into birth preparation. With all the scans, tests and Doctor’s visits. Baby showers, the purchasing of baby clothes, cots, car seats and everything else we feel we need to acquire for our babies wellbeing. Finally the long awaited moment is over and you have your most precious baby (or two) at home with you at last.

Perhaps you’re a first time Mum and find yourself quite overwhelmed and unprepared for this moment.

Breastfeeding is not quite what you imagined and you need more support finding your way. Perhaps the need for more sleep is overwhelming you. Or you’re an experienced Mum who is concerned about how you’ll cope with the extra demands your baby will bring to your family?

Maybe you’re just like most Mums and just want your new family to have the best most smoothest start possible.

So often we give birth and our family and friends rush over to visit the new arrival. This excitement usually wears off quite quickly and we are sometimes left feeling drained and alone, especially if it’s around the same time our partners return to work.

In many societies, even still today the postnatal period is a time for family bonding and mums healing, with others supporting the family through this new experience. Many cultures have systems in place to support the new families transition for at least a month postpartum. These societies don't see this healing period as a luxury but as a vital part of the Mums healing.  Sadly, implications of a modern society have meant that only a lucky few women have this support network available to them, leaving many women and their families struggling with a newborn baby when it should be a time of joy and wonder.

The role of a Postnatal Doula is to nurture your family as well as you. Supporting you as you transition into this new family dynamic, by providing practical and emotional support whilst empowering you with confidence in your abilities.


It’s time to care for you Mum!

My services will be tailored to your specific needs, but can consist of any of the following: 

  • Supporting you in gaining confidence with breastfeeding

  • Understanding your baby’s feeding needs and feeding cues

  • Understanding your baby’s sensory needs and how this can effect their sleep patterns

  • Teaching you how to swaddle your baby

  • Organic herbal Sitz Baths for perineal or bottom healing

  • Helping older siblings adjust

  • School and day care drop offs where needed

  • Supporting the Dad with his transition

  • Light house work duties such as dishes and washing

  • Postpartum meal preparation

  • Shopping

Sometimes it's simply supporting you to get the basics done. Such as showering and getting your teeth brushed. Yes that’s right even those basic tasks can be hard to achieve the first few weeks after birth. 


Postnatal Doula Service

different packages designed to suit everyones needs


3 Hours Getting Settled- $150

This package enables me to come into your home for 3 hours and help you settle in after birth.


1 Week Adjusting to Your New Life- $282  

This package enables me to come into your home for 2 x 3 hour visits.


2 Weeks Keep Mum Resting - $540

This package consists of   4 x 3 hour visits supporting you over two weeks.


3 Weeks Nurturing the Family - $720

This package consists of   6 x 3 hour visits supporting you over three weeks.


4 Week Extended New Mother Care - $840  

This package consists of   8 x 3 hour visits over four weeks.

All packages can be used with flexibility with a 3 hour minimum for each visit. 


Women who book with me as their birth Doula for the Hospital Birth Service have the first 2 postnatal visits included in the birth package.