Afterbirth Healing Herbs

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Afterbirth Healing Herbs

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After Birth Herbal Bath: For Perineal and Rectum Healing

Experience the pleasure of immersing yourself into a warm, shallow, herbal bath made with 100% organic ingredients designed to support the healing of your perineum and rectum after birth.

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Please note: If you would like the Perineal Healing bottle you can purchase it here.

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About the Ingredients

  • Comfrey, has been used for centuries in the renewal of skin and bone tissue

  • Yarrow, Sage, Rosemary and Chamomile, are all herbs that support the mending and renewing of tissue due to their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent nature

  • Calendula, is believed to increase the flow of blood to the wound site, thereby providing oxygen and nutrients essential to wound regeneration

  • Lavender, is believed to increase cell growth, supporting wounds to heal faster and decreasing the appearance of scars. The anti-microbial action discourages infection

  • Rose Petal, soothes our emotional body whilst we’re on this healing journey

  • Kelp, reports suggest that kelp has the ability to not only renew tissue but bond tissue together


How to use your Sitz Bath Herbs

Pre-birth preparation:

  • In a non-metal bowl, place 10gms, 1/2 cup of dry herbs in 1 to 3 cups of near-boiling water. You’ll need more water for the sitting bath.

  • Spray the infusion on sanitary pads and freeze.

  • After giving birth you can place the slightly thawed pads on your vagina and or rectum to help ease pain and reduce swelling. Be sure to not put the pad straight from the freezer onto your bare skin as it may stick temporally and be too cold.

After birth:

  • Day 1 & 2: Pour the warm herbal infusion into a peri bottle. While urinating gently squirt the liquid on your perineum to help prevent stinging and begin the healing process. If you’re in hospital this is an easy way to jump start your healing process.

  • Day 3: Start sitting in the warm herbal infusion. This allows the perineum and rectum to be fully immersed. Relax and enjoy for at least 15 minutes. Continue daily until healed. This can be done in a Sitz Bath or in a shallow bath tub with just enough water to immerse your perineum in the herbs.

Note: If you have sutures and have any concerns, please consult your doctor before using these herbs.

It’s more effective to use a traditional Sitz Bath. I do sell them so if you’re interested please enquire.


Why I created this product?

After the birth of my first daughter I had a small tear and some skid tears.  I remember my midwives preparing these baths for me during my recovery.  I soaked in the bath for 7 days after birth and on day 10 without the use of stitches I had fully recovered.  There was no scar tissue and the wound healed beautifully. For the past 25 years I’ve continued the tradition for my clients whom all love the herbal Sitz Baths. 

Sitz Bath Bowl (Purchased Separately)

The Site Bath Bowl is perfect to use with the After Birth Healing Herbs. If you would like to purchase it, please contact Jodi to arrange purchase and delivery.

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