Postnatal Restorative Tea

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Postnatal Restorative Tea

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Our Postnatal Restorative Tea is a unique herbal tea made with 100% organic ingredients encouraging vitality and balance after birth, whilst supporting a well-nourished milk supply for your growing baby.

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About the Ingredients

Red Raspberry, Nettle and Alfalfa leaves, this trio of herbs have been used for centuries supporting women in their recovery after birth. Encouraging healthy breastmilk production and the extra support needed to rebuild iron levels. Raspberry is renowned for ability to support the recovery of the pelvic floor after birth.

Gotu Kola, a renowned Ayurvedic herb used to support the reduction of nervous exhaustion whilst promoting mental clarity. A connective tissue tonic that helps restore tone to ligaments and uterine tissues. Supports the healing of varicose veins and haemorrhoids as a circulatory tonic.

Shatavari, renowned in Ayurveda for her affinity with the female reproductive system. Believed to stimulate breastfeeding hormones supporting a healthy balanced milk supply. May reduce stress and fight depression whilst encouraging healthy energy levels.

Spearmint and Fennel, give this tea it’s yummy delicate taste and both herbs support in the reduction of gassy tummies. Fennel is a fabulous support for breastfeeding mums.

Lavender, is known for her ability to encourage a relaxed state of being and support deeper sleep.

Rose, soothes our emotional body during our recovery from birth.


How to Brew Your Tea?

I personally like my tea strong in flavour, I use 1 generous teaspoon of herbs per cup and allow it to brew for a good 10 minutes. For those who like a gentle flavoured tea, brew only 5 minutes. You can brew your tea herbs twice as the majority of the herbs in my teas are Australian grown which provides a far superior herbal tea which is why the tea is still delicious on the second brew.

The longer brewing time allows the herbs to release their full flavour and beneficial value. For the most therapeutic benefit brew your tea over night which allows 8 hours for the herbs to release all their goodness

Another fun way to brew tea is “sun brewing”. A gentle process protecting the vitamin and mineral content of the herbs.  Place ¼ cup of herbs in a litre jar, cover the herbs with water and give them a good shake. Cover the jar with a dark cloth and leave the brew in the sun for the day.

Drink 2-4 cups daily for up to 6 months postpartum or until the completion of breastfeeding.


Why I created Postnatal Restorative Tea?

I found postpartum a time of incredible joy and many magical moments which I’ll cherish for life. Accompanied with those wonderful experiences was exhaustion and fatigue, like I could have never imagined. I created this restorative tea blend to support you through these months of recovery after birth. Also included in this tea blend are many herbs that support a well-balanced breastmilk supply, with a strong focus on healthy hormone balance.

Many women under estimate how much time, patience and nutrition our bodies need to fully recover from birth. In traditional cultures it’s believed that it takes not only 9 months for a baby to mature in our wombs but another 9 months to recover physically from our birth experience.




Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs on this site are not intended as medical advice. The statements have not been evaluated by any medical authority. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner before self-administering herbs