About Jodi - Certified Doula on the Sunshine Coast

It all started when...

I had my first experience of birth 26 years ago, when my neighbour’s four year old son came running into my house yelling “Come, Mummy is having the baby. She needs you!”. 

I was privileged to witness Jan push out her fourth child, weighing 10 pounds in 45 minutes. Needless to say, the spark was lit for me. I was determined to make supporting women during birth and postpartum my lifes work.

A few months later, I flew to a town on the border of Mexico and Texas where I worked and lived in a birthing house for 3 months. During that time, I attended 96 births, and took part in hundreds of prenatal and postnatal visits. It was one of the most valued experiences of my life.

From there I went home and apprenticed as a lay midwife for a number of years. During which time I birthed my own two daughters, both births were great experiences with memories I'll cherish for life. 

My postnatal experiences were very challenging being so far from my families support. My experience led me on the path to where I am today, passionate about providing quality experienced postnatal care. I also teach breastfeeding and early parenting workshops, preparing new parents with skills and knowledge to support them on a more informed, joyful and empowered postnatal journey. 

Ten years ago,  I chose to become a certified pregnancy, birth and postnatal doula, supporting birthing families on the Sunshine Coast. I'm passionate about supporting women and their partners to feel empowered throughout their entire pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience. Encouraging women to take control of their own birth journeys, helping them find evidence-based information every step of the way so they can make their own informed choices, which is proven to support better birth outcomes at home or in the hospital.  

I believe that supporting women and their partners to achieve more positive birth outcomes improves society as a whole. Empowered birth experiences are known to improve a woman's self confidence and provide her with a feeling of great accomplishment.




  • Certified pregnancy, birth and postnatal Doula

  • Certified breastfeeding educator

  • Qualified Infant Massage Instructor

  • Trauma informed professional

  • Over 25 years experience supporting women and their partners through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Involving Jodi in the birth of our son was one of the best decisions we made. Her knowledge and guidance from the beginning was thoughtful and inclusive of the whole family (husband and two year old daughter). She really listened to what we’d hoped to achieve and was a wonderful addition to the birthing suite support.

Jodi was the voice of reason and the gentle provider of advice at stressful, and often confusing times. I trusted her implicitly and would ask her opinion as she always had my best interest in achieving VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) in mind. My goal was to have a relatively intervention free birth.

Jodi helped me appreciate that the natural process of labour (and pain) has a role to play in telling my body what to do and should be embraced, rather than ignored. I never thought I would be the sort of woman to opt for that kind of thing, however, I have come away from the birth of my son a truly satisfied and empowered mother.

The post birth care was invaluable also. Jodi assisted me with natural remedies that soothed and assisted a speedy recovery. I whole heartily recommend Jodi as a doula, she enhanced our experience beyond all expectations.
— Marita Finch