Hospital Birth Support - Sunshine Coast

As a Doula on the Sunshine Coast,  Jodi is trained, experienced and passionate about supporting birthing women.

Jodi offers two different types of birth support.

The first being Hospital Birth Support where Jodi is committed to supporting you to have the best possible birth outcome in the hospital setting offering physical, emotional and informative support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

We also offer Home Birth Support  for women who want an empowered, self-led home birth experience. Jodi works as a certified doula alongside Carla who is a traditional birth attendant offering holistic care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 


Hospital Birth Support - $1,500  

Payment options are negotiable for this service

Whats included 

Pregnancy Support

  • Free, no obligation interview. This interview will give us the opportunity to get to know each other a little and gauge if we are compatible to work together as a birthing team.

  • 3 meetings while you're pregnant, which can run as long as 2 hours

  • Extra cafe catch ups if needed

  • Assistance writing out your birth wishes

  • Unlimited email and phone communication

  • Learning and practicing skills together as a birthing team. Empowering you as a birthing mother/couple

  • Gathering specific health information as needed, enabling you to make informed choices.

  • Access to my lending library, books and DVDs on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding

Labour & Birth Support

  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks pregnant until your baby is born

  • Available day and night via phone

  • Continuous physical and emotional support for you and your partner during labour and birth (if time allows my labour support starts at your home then we head to the hospital together) I stay with you at the hospital until your baby is approximately 2 hours old

  • Electric oil burner and essential oils to support a smoother labour and birth

  • Clary sage and jasmine massage oil

  • Rebozo and spinning babies techniques encouraging a smoother labour

  • 25 years of labour and birth support experience

Postnatal support

TWO EARLY POSTNATAL VISITS + a 6 week visit if required 

  • Breastfeeding support from the first feed

  • Newborn care

  • Natural remedies for a variety of post birth complaints

  • Reflection on your birth together

  • Support around the home and with older siblings

  • Specific postpartum meal preparation

  • Organic herbal perineal Sitz Baths

Special offers  

  • 10% discount for you and your partner to attend my breastfeeding and early parenting workshops (invaluable preparation for new parents)

  • 10% discount on infant massage group class

  • A gift of $50 on my tea range

  • 15% of my herbal tea range on purchases over the $50 gift

$100 off if I've supported you during birth previously.


I would recommend Jodi’s services 110%
In the lead up to my birth Jodi was there to provide me with all the knowledge I needed to make my own informed decisions and was there to help with any worries that mothers are faced with today about size of babies, inductions etc.

On the day of the birth I was so mentally and physically prepared from the lead up sessions we had with Jodi. As a first time Mum I completely surrendered and trusted my body and had the confidence knowing Jodi was there to guide me through when I needed it. Instead of rushing to the hospital I was able to go through the first part of labour outside in the garden at home where I felt relaxed. Jodi walked through active positions with me and guided me through those waves of contractions.

My husband Ryan was able to leave me to have a well needed rest knowing that I would need him well alert later on. I am so grateful and blessed that my wish for a water birth was achieved and our beautiful daughter Mali was born with only one big push at the end.

Thanks Jodi for everything.
— Clair
A client shares her positive experience using a doula for labour and birth support.