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FLOURISH Mums & Bubs, is owned by Jodi Atkinson, a Doula on the Sunshine Coast. As a certified Doula with over 25 years of experience, Jodi is passionate about offering a holistic approach to birth, supporting you and your family to meet your goals and fulfilling your dreams during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. 

About Jodi -
Certified Doula on the Sunshine Coast

As a Doula, Jodi is trained and experienced to provide emotional, physical and educational support to women, their partners and families through pregnancy, labour and birth.

As a Pregnancy and Birth Doula, Jodi is passionate about supporting women and their families to feel empowered during this special time of bringing new life into the world. Working as a birth doula Jodi supports women to take control of their own birth journeys, helping them find evidence-based information every step of the way, so they can make their own informed choices, encouraging better birth outcomes at home or in the hospital.

Find out about Jodi, her background and the services she offers, including Hospital Birth SupportHome Birth Support,  workshops and classes on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.


Birth Support Packages - supporting Mums & Bubs on the Sunshine Coast

FLOURISH Mums & Bubs offers two types of Birth Support packages which include pregnancy, birth and postpartum support.

The first package is a Hospital Birth Support. Jodi is committed to supporting you and your partner to have the best possible birth outcome in the hospital setting. Offering physical, emotional and informative support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

The second package is a Home Birth Support for women who want an empowered, self-led home birth experience. Jodi works as the doula alongside Carla who is a traditional birth attendant offering holistic care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.



Postnatal Packages

Flourish Mums & Bubs provides practical and emotional support whilst empowering you with confidence in your abilities as you transition into your new family dynamics.

Postnatal Care on the Sunshine Coast includes nurturing and caring for you and your family after the birth of your baby. Jodi also offers breastfeeding support helping you gain confidence with your new baby.
Extended support is also available if you need it.
View Postnatal Support.

Infant Massage Classes

Jodi loves teaching parents techniques to enhance their bond with their babies whilst improving their babies health and wellbeing. 

As an infant massage instructor, Jodi loves teaching infant massage and enhancing the emotional and physical wellbeing of babies and their carers. During these classes, parents appreciate having the opportunity to ask questions and enjoy connecting with other parents sharing their early parenting experiences. Infant massage classes are run on the Sunshine Coast. View Infant Massage course details.

Positive Breastfeeding and Early Parenting Preparation Workshops

With over 25 years of experience, Jodi is honoured to share her knowledge teaching workshops and preparing new parents for a most positive postnatal and breastfeeding experience. Her workshops are run on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. View Positive Breastfeeding & Early Parenting Preparation workshops details.

My workshop is designed to prepare couples for a more positive postnatal experience and develop a deeper understanding of how normal, healthy breastfeeding works. 

The workshop will

  • Teach you valuable strategies to put in place to make the transition into parenthood a smoother and more joyful experience

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how normal, healthy breastfeeding works, using a variety of learning modalities, including plenty of hands on learning


Upcoming Workshops & Events



From the Blog


Having Jodi as my doula was the best thing I did for my pregnancy and birth. As a severe anxiety sufferer, I was worried about how I would be able to cope with those fears through my birth.
Jodi has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she was able to share that helped me to prepare for my birth physically and mentally. 
Jodi has an incredible peaceful energy that really helped me to relax and trust the process and my body, resulting in a calm and empowering labour and birth experience which I don’t think would’ve happened if I didn’t have her there. Jodi helped me communicate my needs when I couldn’t do it for myself.
I am so grateful to Jodi for helping myself and my husband through this entirely new and overwhelming experience. 
I feel as though these words don’t express just how much she truly did for us and how essential she was in our experience but I can say that she will be someone I’ll go back to every time. 
— Eveleen
I met Jodi in my second trimester and she has supported me through pregnancy, labour, birth and now postpartum care. Jodi has made relaxing foot baths, warm healing drinks, nourishing soups, given me a huge confidence boost with breastfeeding, listened to all my concerns, issues and backed me to have the clarity and determination to birth the way I always wanted... even when pressure came in from the outside world. Not to mention; the regular check-in texts/calls, home visits and chai catch ups.

This type of continuity of care is exceptional and makes for a huge difference in how I feel about myself embarking on the motherhood journey. I highly recommend having a doula on your support team. It’s a no brainer!

 Amos, Ben and I are so lucky to have you 🌷 Thank You for all that you do x
— Myra