Positive Breastfeeding & Early Parenting Preparation Workshop

In many countries still today, women are honoured, nurtured and cared for by their mothers, sisters and friends as they heal after birth. The postnatal rest period is usually for a minimum of one month, often 6 weeks. These women want for nothing, they are pampered, fed and kept warm. Older siblings are cared for as the mother rests and feeds her newborn, mastering the art of breastfeeding. In many of these cultures the grandmother teaches the mother infant massage, massaging the newborn daily until 6 months of age. This time of rest is not seen as a privilege, but an important and vital time of healing for the Mother who has just given birth.

In Australia we aren't all so fortunate to have our extended families to care for us after we give birth. Therefore it's vitally important to get strategies in place before birth to support the healing your body needs to fully recover from birth. 

Many women are starting on their breastfeeding journey's with the bare bones of preparation. They haven’t been taught the fundamentals of normal healthy breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a natural experience that has to be learnt and then mastered.

About the  Workshop

My workshop is designed to prepare couples for a more positive postnatal experience. With 25 years of experience I've learnt a lot from my own poor decisions and those of other women. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge so you don't make those same mistakes and can make choices that will enhance your future.

The workshop will

  • teach you strategies to put in place to make the transition into parenthood a smoother and more joyful experience.
  • It will equip you with tools which will empower you on your path into parenthood.
Birth isn’t just about making babies, it’s about making mums too. You are being invited to re-invent yourself because when a baby is born so is a mother. And I’ll let you in on a secret. The birth of a mother can be even more intense than childbirth.
— Julia Jones

Workshop Details

The workshop runs for 4.5 hours, using a variety of teaching methods. Parents will learn valuable skills to support them during the first 3 months of their baby’s life and beyond.


workshop curriculum 


  • Develop a deeper understanding of how normal, healthy breastfeeding works using a variety of learning modalities, including plenty of hands on learning.
  • Gain  greater awareness of your breast anatomy, confidence with breastfeeding positions and how to achieve a good latch technique.
  • Practical, visual understanding of what to expect in regards to baby's feeding needs and everything associated with this topic.  


Preparing for baby’s arrival

  • What’s to be expected in the first 3 months in regards to baby’s crying, sleep and sensory needs.
  • Techniques that may help your baby sleep better and cry less by following their instinctual cues and sensory needs.
  • How to bath and wrap your baby.
  • Getting familiar with normal physical ailments and discomforts of the new born.


Care of the new Mum 

  • Learn what partners and friends can do to help.  
  • How to set up support systems before your baby is born.  
  • What’s normal in regards to the emotional and physical experience of the postnatal mum.
  • How Dad can help and what Mum needs to recover fully. 
  • Discussion about practical healing remedies. 
  • How to do your own perineal sitz bath at home.  
  • I have a fantastic DVD for the Dads. Dads are always grateful to learn how they can be supportive and more involved in their new baby’s lives.
  • Demonstration - making your own cost effective water wipes.


What I provide

  • Snacks, refreshments and a comfortable, friendly learning environment. 
  • Gift bags, including supportive organic herbs for your postnatal healing.
  • Folder with essential information and water wipe instructions.
  • 10% discount to attend one of my infant massage group classes.



  • $150 per couple in a group workshop
  • $250 per couple privately

A month before the birth of my first baby I completed the breastfeeding workshop with Jodi. Being a first time mum the course really equipped me with what to expect in the areas of breastfeeding, bathing, soothing and nurturing my baby. Once I brought my baby home the information for me and my partner has been invaluable. It built my confidence in the role of a mother, which also helped reassure my beautiful
— Samantha & Scott
The breastfeeding workshop is a fabulous session, full of information on how to make the post natal period easier and more intuitive. Lots of helpful hints were included on positioning, preventing common breastfeeding grievances, bathing, bonding (for both Dad & Mum) and taking care of yourself and bub after birth to ensure we get the most out of our introduction into parenthood. We highly recommend this workshop to all expectant mothers and fathers! 
— Helen & Andrew
I really enjoyed the workshop. I found the information both interesting and practical. Jodi provided a relaxed atmosphere and incorporated theory, videos, and practical demonstrations into the workshop. I would definitely recommend this workshop to people who are interested in learning about breastfeeding
— Belinda
 I’d definitely recommend this workshop to other pregnant women and their spouses.  Especially in this day and age, we are not necessarily learning these important things from our “tribes.”   And to wait until the baby is here crying and mum sleep deprived doesn’t seem like the ideal time to be figuring it all out . 
— Julie & Brax
We completed the calm birth course, those two days along with your session have left us with so much more information, so we are feeling prepared. The calm birth course and your course were perfect to do so close together because calm birth just touched the surface on breastfeeding as there was so much other information to take in about birth and breathing etc. I feel these two courses complimented each other so well.  
— Clair & Ryan

Learning to breastfeed is a little like learning to walk,
it takes practice