Cherish Every Moment

When I was raising my babies 22 years ago, I was very fortunate. I was a farmer, midwife and herbalist. My children could be at my side while I worked, my first baby attending many births on my back.

Todays society doesn't support mothers to be at home with their babies for very long. Everything is structured to get those little people into day care and mothers back to work as soon as possible.

When running my infant massage classes, I look on, in wonder, at these beautiful people. I have no idea what these mothers used to be. All I can see is their magnificent mothering, their love and commitment to these little babies.

If your life supports you to be at home with your babies and children embrace that opportunity, savouring every moment. At night, when you are awake feeding, be in the moment and remember this moment passes very quickly.

My little girl in this photo is now 22 years of age, the time most definitely flew by, those night feeds and nappy changes are now only cherished memories.